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Welcome to SWAPS

The home of Spencers Wood Advanced Paranormal Society We are a non profit making team of dedicated investigators who are searching for the truth about the Paranormal.

In the words of a very famous Paranormal investigator
"I never believed in Ghosts until i came face to face with one.
So have set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video...
With no big camera crews following us around I am joined only by my fellow Investigators"
Quote: Zak Bagans - Ghost Adventures

About Us

Our Mission:

To Believe, Investigate and Document

SWAPS and its team members are dedicated to helping you understand your experiences with the unexplained. We believe that apparitions, voices and other phenomena associated with the paranormal are true events that can be documented using audio recordings, video and photography. We also believe, as theory suggests, that these events can directly influence the general ambience of a room such as climate and magnetic field.


We do not, however, gaurantee that any evidence we collect is definitive proof of the paranormal. We only attempt to document suspected paranormal or unexplained activity. We provide simple documentative services in hopes that we may uncover evidence that may help you better understand your situation.

We believe you, we want to investigate, and we want to document anything we experience to help you.

If you have experienced the following:

Unexplained noises (knocks, scratching, footsteps)
Unexplained voices (whispers, moans, screams, laughter)
Objects moving by themselves (doors/drawers opening and closing, furniture moving)
Apparitions (moving shadows, "other persons", lights)
Physical contact by something not seen
Strange feelings (fear, being watched, chills)
Drastic temperature changes (cold spots, hot spots)
Strange anomalies captured in photos, audio or video may have experienced paranormal activity, and we are curious to find out what is causing it!!! Please contact us if you are interested in inviting us to perform an investigation!

We Believe, Investigate and Document

find out more on our facebook page and You Tube Channel

Meet the Team

Mike Allwood - Founder/Lead investigator

I grew up in a house where many Paranormal things happened, I have even experienced activity in some of the places i have worked, so have been interested in the Paranormal for most of my life.

Lewis Allwood - Lead investigator

I have grown up listening to my Dad speak about his experiences and have been interested in the paranormal for some years now.

Mark Dunne - Lead investigator

Mark has carried out many Paranormal investigations over the past 20 years and experienced lots of activity.


Recent Investigations

Seven Stars Knowl Hill - May 2014

Future Investigations

Blackfriars Priory - July 2014

Previous Investigations

Our Services

Experiencing Paranormal Activity

If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity at your home or business, please contact us using the contact form, we will be able to advise and organise an investigation.

Peace of Mind

We conduct our investigations with the highest level of professionalism and total discretion for our clients is of the highest priority. We do not charge for our services except in situations where expenses are necessary e.g. travelling long distances. We would always tell you if this is a possibility upon initial contact.

What an Investigation Entails

We use various equipment and techniques to investigate your premises in order to gain evidence of the activity

Tell Us Your Story

Do You Have A Ghost Story?

Most people will experience something they can not explain at least once in their lifetime - whether they believe in ghosts or not!!! The reason our team exists is because some of our team members have also had these types of experiences. We take your claims very seriously and are here to help you understand what's going on.

Please use the contact form under contact us to tell us your Story and we'll put some of them on the website.


Spencers Woord. Berkshire, UK, RG7 1HJ


Equipment We Use

All Equipment used is state of art technology

EMF Detector - KII Meter.

Night vision Camcorders

Digital Voice Recorders - EVP

P-SB7 - Spirit Box


Ovilus III