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Seven Stars 3rd May 2014

Area: Knowl Hill, Berkshire
Investigation Times: 21:00 - 02:00
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Weather: Dry and Clear
EMF Readings: None
SWAPS Members Present: Mike, Lewis & Mark. Other Investgators present Were Gary, Nick, Mandy and Jay.

Background info: The Seven Stars was an old coaching inn dating back hundreds of years. In its heyday this public house was a traditional meeting place for the workers of the now defunct Star brick works. Forty years ago the pub was used as a Doctors surgery, village Hall and Library as well as a place for celebration. Over time however the village of Knowl Hill built its owns doctors surgery, Village Hall and the library moved to the neighbouring village of White Waltham. Over the intervening years other pubs, restaurants and eateries reduced the turnover of Seven Stars to a trickle resulting in closure in February 2012.

The below EVP caught using the SB7 in the old Barn area

We also captured orbs in the same vicinity as well as our geophone giving some exciting readings in the cellar. No Anomalous EMF readings were captured but the use of a movement sensor Light up ball also gave us evidence both in the Barn and in one of the old bedrooms (where the current occupier is loathed to go into).
All in all a great location and evening, On to the next.

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